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I'm a member of the APTO (, TRAO and TRAA. Certifications include: WreckMaster & ASE Auto & Truck technician. I also have a long list of Fire/Rescue/EMS, as well as HazMat, Diver and Special Rescue/Technical Rescue certifications. I'm a member of local Fire/Rescue/EMS agencies. I also serve as an Incident Safety Supervisor and also provide photo scene documentation on major recovery incidents in our area, when needed. 

Proud industry supporter and love my career in the towing & recovery industry. I am the owner of our company, which includes our towing & recovery, roadside assistance, mobile mechanic divisions and special rescue. Our facility has been built by my own two hands over the years from the ground up. I am not a "handed down to me" next generation tower. I have build my company, from the ground up, myself. I strive to be a well informed and educated businessman and to conduct the most beneficial operations that my company is capable of.

I enjoy recovery work and the task of getting vehicles out of the situations that the drivers get them into. The kinda stuff that an "everyday tow operator" may be called to handle. The heavy recoveries are neat to see, but I enjoy the light/medium duty recovery work, from pulling a truck out of the middle of a muddy field to the difficult recovery that needs that specialized recovery knowledge and equipment to get the job done. 

I am a firm believer in the WreckMaster training and the working knowledge that an operator learns thru the WreckMaster program. I also love to see the custom created vehicles that other towers have created for use in off-road recovery work and the diverse ideas and imagination that went into creating a custom piece of equipment for preforming the specialized off-road recovery work, such as the M.O.R.T.

We provide emergency response to our local fire/rescue departments for life safety incidents, when needed. We specialize in "recovery" situations that are "odd" situations that take the proper knowledge,  skill and equipment to complete the task from off-road recovery to underwater vehicle recovery.

I'm here to further knowledge in the industry, provide insight and perspective, as well as to also learn new things! I hope that my posts help provide an environment for the community here to discuss issues/operations and provide others perspectives for discussion. I'm VERY active within my industry and also here on the Tow411 forums. I hope that my posts will benefit the industry as a whole, as well as those who participate in my posts and discussions. I believe in transparency and hope to facilitate a meaningful dialogue regarding the various discussion topics that may occur within our industry, as well as presenting new and different perspectives/viewpoints. I do not believe in "bashing" or trash talking, however I do believe in constructive feedback, when and where appropriate.  ~Thank you!

Legal Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on TV. Anything I may say or suggest is based solely upon my own personal experiences and shall not be considered, nor construed to be legal advice. I may present my options as it relates to a situation, but it is not the opinion, nor advise of an attorney. When in doubt, please consult your own legal counsel regarding your particular situation. 

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    i like your tow-mater icon..Thumbsup very cute :)
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    welcome to 411, keep safe and enjoy your time on here